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What are Advance Beta Reader copies? Well, they are early reader copies of Naakaree’s future books in exchange for honest feedback. As a Beta reader, you are receiving a draft copy (before it has been professionally edited) of an unreleased book.


As a Beta reader, you ARE expected to:

  • Give honest feedback on the Storyline, Plot holes, Character flaws or lack in a Character's Personality (for example).

You are NOT expected to 

  • Pick out every spelling mistake (as the editor does this, and this is a draft after all), Comment about how much you hate a character or their personality - but rather give constructive criticism on how it could be improved, express how much you dislike the book, do a review on a platform such as Goodreads - however if you would like to, you can apply to recieve an early reader ARC copy of the book once it has been edited, here.


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